LZF Groove

Brand: Arper

Groove, a sense of swing

The second screen designed by Luis Eslava Studio for LZF, we have the pleasure to introduce Groove: a screen with organic, winding lines and the power to transform the light that comes through it. This piece, as the name suggests, conveys a feeling of movement. For many people, ‘groove’ means the feeling of an expansive rhythm or what gives meaning to swing. Created by the Spanish designer Luis Eslava, Groove is an architectonic piece that allows us to define spaces by assembling several modules. Groove is also a canvas where intricate shadows are projected and converted into an ornament, changing shadows that adapt themselves depending on the direction of the light. It can be used both in home interiors and contract. Available in eight finish tones (as LZF lamps), both in hanging or floor version. Its dimensions are 90 cm x 200,5 cm.