Brand: Caimi
A new and flexible system of reversible panels in various sizes and diverse usage. The same product is used for ceiling, walls, on table or freestanding on the floor. The panels are slim (only 35mm) in thickness, and curved to improve diffusion. Weight of 2,7 kg. for a panel in size 159x44 cm. Even if they are very slim, tests prove very good ability to absorb the different frequencies individually, especially in the area from 500 to 2000 Hz, that is the main range of the human voice. Mitesco with Snowsound technology, does not only absorb sound, but balances also the absorption to improve acoustic comfort.  As always with Caimi, all the different connections and fixations are available, for wall, table, ceiling, in wires, on different poles to allow free standing, magnets etc. etc. Download and fill in the data collection sheet, and we calculate existing reverberation time and what you need to reach the desired level.  Answer within 2 days, free of charge.
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