Brand: LZF Lamps

Saturnia, astronomical rings

Saturnia is a lamp family of clean, soft lines, made up of hanging lamps and designed by Basque-Swiss designer Óskar Cerezo for LZF Lamps. Its name and shape are reminiscent of Planet Saturn, the only planet whose rings can be seen from the Earth. On one side, the light passing thorough the wood sheets creates a warm ambience. On the other, the plexiglas diffusor allows for a good working light. Moreover, it incorporates state-of-the-art electronic technology that assures a minimum electrical consumption and is a perfect choice for direct as well and indirect lighting, both in private homes or contract. Available in three sizes: as happens with other LZF lamps, it can be combined to create amazing lamp clusters. The dimensions are: 49 cm, 85 cm or 120 cm diameter.